The face I saw yesterday
I'm supposed to see today
Her aura seems to cascade
All this time I stay

I'll mould my words accordingly
In order to be myself
I'll keep myself from her
Won't try a little to delve

My thoughts perpetually forming
A giant web of reasoning
And as I lay my hands on table
I see the demise in sea O' grim

As she says the words
They sound like adage
To the person God knows
Is far beyond salvage

We pursue our thoughts
But don't say much
Our breaths so close
But lips don't touch

Right through my eyes
She pierces her sight
Is she looking for a man?
Or maybe measuring my pride

And north to her stands
A man of million thoughts
Within traffic of minute reasoning
This moment an empty road

Ofcourse she sees nothing
She takes a step back
And the silence that occurs
Questions are all stacked

But I say nothing
I've been mute for so long
For one who burns like a candle
How can sound like a bomb.

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